Sebastian Guerrini is a Designer in Visual Communications and PhD in Communication and Image Studies (Kent University, UK).

Sebastián Guerrini was born in 1965. He studied in Argentina, The Netherlands and England. He recently obtained his PhD, where he researched the link between national identity and image.
He has carried out image and identity design works in Latin America, United States, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Ireland, England and Germany.

In Argentina, he designed, among other jobs, the visual identity of the National Presidency, Ministries and State Secretary Offices, together with the current version of the Argentine National Coat of Arms.

In 1997 he designed the trademark and election campaign for the Alianza, the party that won the Argentine elections at that time.

He has worked for organizations such as the International Federation of Organic Movements (IFOAM), United Nations, Amnesty International, UNICEF, UNESCO, Latin American Social Science Council, and Pan American Health Organization. At his studio he has designed for companies, banks, universities, schools, products and their respective identity applications.